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Free shipping to major cities for orders over R1999

Trophy Trends for 2019

2019 is in full swing, and with a new year comes a new array of trends. Trophies & Engravers is excited to guide you through some of the trends that 2019 has in store for the trophy and awards industry which can even help you to create your own custom awards.

3D Printing

Technology has come a long way over the past decade and 3D printing is just one of the fantastic inventions of the 21st century. 3D printing has proved to have applications in a variety of industries, and this extends to trophies and awards. 3D printing is definitely the next trend in trophies, as trophies, medals and trophy toppers are able to be printed out to exact customer specifications.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is a process that uses jets of sand to engrave patterns onto certain surfaces. Sandblasting has been a trophy trend for a while now but it certainly isn’t going anywhere just yet. The process is very popular in the trophy industry as it allows for the inscription of words or pictures onto metal or glass trophies. The effect is stylish and it’s the perfect way to personalise awards.

Custom, Artistic Edge

Be original! Instead of picking just any trophy from a catalogue, why not create a custom award? Adding custom details and original elements to your trophy is a sure way to make for an awards ceremony worth remembering. Creating an original award is a form of art!

Pantone Colour of the Year

Every year Pantone, international colour experts, give the public a much-anticipated Colour of the Year. This year, the colour is a vibrant pink called Living Coral. Trendsetters are sure to use this trend in fashion and home décor, so why not trophies? We expect to see some Living Coral accents in trophies and awards this year.


What goes around comes around. Vintage trophies are sure to make a comeback in 2019. Classic cup shapes, with natural finishing, have always been popular but this year they are set to be better than ever. The classic, chalice-shaped trophies originated in the 17th century so they have really stood the test of time!

Want to have access to the trendiest trophies in SA? Browse our diverse online catalogue where we offer a wide range of trophies, medals and awards. Trophies & Engravers also provides sandblasting and engraving services, as well as custom awards!

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