Free shipping to major cities for orders over R1999

Free shipping to major cities for orders over R1999

The Convenience of Name Badges

Name badges have been around for centuries and are a quick and sure-fire way of identification (so long as you’re wearing the correct one).

If you are ‘umm’ing and ‘ahhh’ing about whether or not to order name badges for your next event, we say: go for it! Here are just a few of the advantages for almost any setting:

  • Remember a Name: Imagine having an incredible business networking chat with someone only to forget their name? If they have a physical representation of their name pinned to them, makes it far easier to remember, and for you to add them on LinkedIn to continue your discussions.
  • Easy Introductions: At a business event, it can be intimidating to start up a conversation. But name tags (especially if they also list career info on them) give more reserved people an easy way to introduce themselves and strike up a conversation.
  • Identification: How embarrassing would it be if you were asked to interview a certain, somewhat famous person, but when you got to the event you couldn’t identify them? Name badges would certainly save you in a case like this.
  • Colour Coded Name Tags: By colour-coding name tags at an event, you are easily able to tell which category each person falls under, and whether they are speakers, journalists etc.

The above examples fall within a corporate context, but name badges obviously have many other uses in other environments, such as schools where they can help children make friends.

 Trophies & Engravers’ Name Badges

At Trophies & Engravers, we specialise in making custom name badges, which have the following options and qualities:

  • Pins or Magnets: When ordering name badges from us, you have two main options. The back can either be a pin or held in place by a magnet. Both options have their own pros and cons.
  • Doming: Doming can give your badge a lovely, rounded, glossy and finished effect for a minimal extra cost.
  • Colours and Pictures: We can make name badges in almost every colour and can easily add a picture of your choice to the badge although for effect it should be quite simplistic).
  • Shapes: Choose from circles, squares, rectangles and other shapes when ordering from us.

Wanting to order name badges through Trophies & Engravers? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can discuss all of your name badge needs. We deliver nationwide.

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