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How to win More Awards in 2020!

With a New Year, comes New Year’s resolutions, and we’re sure that some of your 2020 goals are to win more awards, like trophies and medals for sale! But just how do you turn your aspirations into reality?

Trophies & Engravers, award experts in South Africa, have come up with some practical ways to achieve your goals and win more awards in 2020!

Set Clear Goals

How will you win more awards if you are not sure exactly which trophies you want to see displayed on your mantelpiece? Envision exactly what you want to achieve, what awards you want to win, and then write them down so that you can refer back to your goals if you ever stray from your path.

Come up with Objectives

Objectives are very important in the goal-reaching process. Objectives are carefully calculated steps as to how to achieve your goals. For each award you want to win, write down the objectives that you can use to help you get there.

Put in the Effort

Once all of your goals and objectives are written down, it’s time to put in that effort. There is no way you’re going to be winning awards if all you do is sit on the couch eating donuts and watching TV. Although it may be tough to take the initial steps, when practice becomes habit, things will be much easier.

Enter Enter Enter!

If your goal truly is to win a large number of awards, the more contests and competitions you enter the better. Whatever opportunity arises, make use of it!

Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself may sound cheesy and cliché, but having self-confidence and a positive mind frame are both very important factors in success. The first step to achieving your goals is believing that you are capable of them.

Tell People About Your Goals

Some people say to keep your aspirations to yourself as people will always want to tear you down, but what about those who want to build you up? You never know who is listening that can help you reach your goal of winning more awards!

Looking for top-quality awards for your next event or awards ceremony? Trophies & Engravers have a wide range of both trophies and medals available on our online shop. Feel free to browse our catalogue and get in touch should you have any questions!

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