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How to Put Together the Perfect Long Service Award

Do you have an employee or colleague that is retiring, immigrating or moving on to another job? A lovely way to commemorate their time in the company is to present them with a long service award. While it is a nice idea, it can be difficult knowing where to start, that’s why Trophies & Engravers is giving you some helpful tips to assist you in putting together the perfect long service award.

Present the Recipient With a Physical Trophy

Presenting the recipient with a trophy or award that they can take home with them gives them a tangible keepsake of their time with the company. A handwritten card, as well as a monetary gift, are nice add-ons to the trophy.

A Heart Warming Speech

One way to truly show your appreciation for your long service recipient is to provide a speech. The speech should preferably be done by someone of authority in the company, or otherwise someone who was close to the recipient. The speech should have a bit of humour too and should really emphasise how thankful the company is for the recipient’s service and dedication.

Plan Ahead and Dedicate a Time

Whether it is just a lunch hour or a whole Friday night party dedicated to the recipient, make sure to plan ahead so that as many employees as possible can attend and perhaps contribute gifts of their own too. There is nothing worse than the last minute event that nobody can attend. Having a well-planned and organised prize giving will definitely make all the difference.

Needing that perfect long service award trophy? Trophies & Engravers has all the experience needed to create a head-turning trophy. Give us your ideas for a custom award and we can come up with something fitting for the recipient.

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