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How to Look After Your Sports Trophies

Sports Trophies should always be on display in a prominent place in your home- after all, they may be some of your greatest achievements! But trophies, just like any other ornaments, can fall victim to dust and grime. Here is a brief guide on how to care for your sports trophies, according to what they are made out of.

Silver/ Silver-Plated

The first thing you need to keep in mind if you own a silver or silver-plated trophy is that humidity can cause it to tarnish. For that reason, you should keep it in a glass display case if you have one and put silica gel inside the display case to dehumidify the air inside. It’s recommended that you polish silver trophies every month with a gentle polishing cloth.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is extremely easy to clean and is far more durable than silver. If your stainless steel sports award is looking a bit dirty, you can just give it a little wash in soapy, warm water followed by a wipe down, for it to look as good as new.


Glass trophies can be really appealing, and they are also relatively easy to look after. Like all glassware, glass trophies can be cleaned by simply giving them a wipe with soapy water and a soft cloth. For stubborn marks and fingerprints, you can always turn to a standard window or glass cleaner to help you out.


If you own a wooden trophy, make sure that you dust it often, especially if it is not stored in a glass cabinet. To keep your trophy in mint condition, be sure to give it a good polish with a soft cloth and a quality wood polish every so often.


Plastic sports trophies are also very simple to look after and all you need in order to clean them is some water and a cloth. The only thing to look out for is being too abrasive when cleaning, as this can cause damage in the form of scratches.

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