Free shipping to major cities for orders over R1999

Free shipping to major cities for orders over R1999

Everything You Need to Know About Wooden Trophies

Wood is a material that is highly common in trophy design. Even if the cup or shield itself is not wooden, there are many instances where awards have wooden bases. Wooden shields are probably the most popular shape when it comes to the design of wooden trophies, but wood can be cut into almost any desired silhouette.

Wooden awards are very aesthetically appealing and make for a classy and attractive display on your mantelpiece, and are a very popular choice at Trophies & Engravers.


Wooden trophies are usually quite affordable and can definitely be considered good value for money. If you browse our extensive online catalogue, you’ll see that our wooden awards start at R89 and go all the way up to over R1000, depending on the shape and size. We have aimed to cater for a variety of needs and budgets! If you are looking for a high-quality trophy but have budget restrictions, wooden trophies should be an option for you!


Caring for a wooden trophy is relatively easy. Like any piece of wooden furniture in your home, it should be polished with a wood polish regularly in order for it to keep its shine. A wooden trophy should ideally be kept out of damp rooms, like the bathroom, and out of direct sunlight. A glass cabinet would be the ideal place to keep your trophy, but a shelf or cupboard will do too!


Wooden trophies are very sturdy and durable. Unlike glass trophies, they shouldn’t shatter or crack if you happen to drop them accidentally. Wooden trophies have quite a bit of weight to them and shouldn’t blow over or fall very easily. The weight of them also makes them very satisfying to hold!

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a sustainable material as it can easily be replaced in nature, making wooden trophies one of your most environmentally friendly options. Should you ever want to get rid of your wooden trophy one day, it is very easy to recycle as wood is completely decomposable. With all the focus on environmental consciousness lately, wooden trophies are a great option!

Looking for the perfect wooden trophy? Browse our extensive online catalogue or get in touch with us directly. We also specialise in custom awards, name badges and medals. We deliver nationwide! Don’t hesitate to get into contact with us!

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