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Free shipping to major cities for orders over R1999

Benefits of Having Personalised Rubber Stamps in the Workplace

There is something so satisfying about stamping a document with a rubber stamp. But on top of being enjoyable, and a way to vent some frustration, they also have many benefits in the workplace, which include:

Organisation of Paperwork

Yes, a lot of documents are processed on laptops and computers these days, but most businesses still build up an impressive amount of paperwork. There is no better way to organise this paperwork than with personalised rubber stamps. Stamps are easier to read than individual’s handwriting, and at a glance you can determine the status of the document.


What business doesn’t want to cut down costs? Did you know that stamp ink is far cheaper than printer ink? So instead of printing your logo onto documents, and personalising certain documents, just let your rubber stamps do the work for you. While it may not seem like a very efficient money saving channel, over time you will save loads.

Signature Time Saving

Have you ever had to sign a huge pile of documents? It can be quite time-consuming and not to mention painful. An easy solution is to get your signature turned into a rubber stamp, which makes the process of signing documents far more efficient. Just be sure to keep the rubber stamp in a secure place.


By having your brand’s logo in the form of a rubber stamp, it’s easy to create brand awareness on any document, simply just by stamping it. Stamp your envelopes, letterheads and even flyers. A good inclusion would be to add your brand’s social media handles onto this stamp.

No Handwriting, No Misunderstandings

By using rubber stamps with different colour inks, you make it very clear what the status of each and every document is. Relying on handwriting is not such a good idea, as sometimes words are unreadable or someone may even interpret a word as something entirely different. Why not just keep things crystal clear with the use of rubber stamps?

While some technology replaces more traditional items, rubber stamps are one of those things that will always and forever have an important place in the workplace and beyond.

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