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Free shipping to major cities for orders over R1999

Acrylic Trophies: All You Need to Know

Have an awards ceremony coming up? Have you considered purchasing some acrylic trophies? While metal cups and wooden shields are always popular choices, acrylic awards have many advantages and we believe that acrylic awards are highly underrated!

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the finer points of purchasing an acrylic trophy.


Acrylic is exceptionally appealing. They have a similar look to glass trophies, but because they are made of Perspex it is easier to create custom awards in any shape. Vinyl printing also allows you to add a splash of colour to your clear award. Acrylic awards are truly eye-catching and should put a smile on every recipient’s face.

Sturdy and Easy to Look After

Our acrylic of trophies are made out of Perspex and this means that they are very resilient. If you happen to drop or bump your trophy, it should still remain in one piece. The same cannot be said for glass trophies. This is why acrylic trophies are a great choice for kids!

Looking after an acrylic trophy is absolutely painlessly. To keep it shiny, simply wipe it down with a clean cloth and water every so often.


Acrylic trophies are one of the most affordable options out there when looking for a quality award. They definitely won’t break the bank. Browse our Acrylic Award catalogue, to see the options and prices that we offer at Trophies & Engravers.


Acrylic trophies are some of the easiest trophies to customise. Vinyl printing works well with acrylic awards. Vinyl printing allows you to add almost any design, in colour, to your award to make it totally unique. For a more timeless look, laser engraving allows you to add text and design to your acrylic trophy.

Decided that an acrylic trophy is perfect for your next event? Trophies & Engravers has a wide range of stunning acrylic awards in our catalogue, you can expect to find an array of shapes and sizes. Want something unique? No problem, we also do custom acrylic awards. Get in touch with one of our staff members to discuss all of your acrylic trophy needs.

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